Izabella Stuhl

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The Shannon Noiseless coding theorem (the data-compression principle) asserts that for an information source with an alphabet X = {0,. .. , − 1} and an asymptotic equipartition property, one can reduce the number of stored strings (x 0 ,. .. , x n−1) ∈ X n to nh with an arbitrary small error-probability. Here h is the entropy rate of the source (calculated(More)
A loop satisfies Moufang’s theorem whenever the subloop generated by three associating elements is a group. Moufang loops (loops that satisfy the Moufang identities) satisfy Moufang’s theorem, but it is possible for a loop that is not Moufang to nevertheless satisfy Moufang’s theorem. Steiner loops that are not Moufang loops are known to arise from Steiner(More)
Contact inhibition is a central feature orchestrating cell proliferation in culture experiments; its loss is associated with malignant transformation and tumorigenesis. We performed a co-culture experiment with human metastatic melanoma cell line (SKMEL- 147) and immortalized keratinocyte cells (HaCaT). After 8 days a spatial pattern was detected,(More)
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