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STUDY OBJECTIVE The etiology of chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) is unclear. It is supposed to be the product of an exogenous antigenic stimulus, such as tobacco smoke, and an endogenous genetic susceptibility. The angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) gene contains a polymorphism based on the presence (insertion [I]) or absence (deletion [D]) of a(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The pathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is characterized by an interaction of environmental influences, particularly cigarette smoking, and genetic determinants. Given the global increase in COPD, research on the genomic variants that affect susceptibility to this complex disorder is reviving. In the present study,(More)
OBJECTIVE Anti IgE treatment with omalizumab is efficacious in the treatment of patients suffering from allergic asthma, improving asthma control and improving quality of life. Furthermore, this approach could be beneficial for patients with concomitant atopic dermatitis. We assessed quality of life and asthma control in atopic patients with allergic asthma(More)
INTRODUCTION Endoscopic lung volume reduction (ELVR) provides a minimally invasive therapy for patients with severe lung emphysema. As its impact on right ventricular (RtV) function is undefined, we examined the extent of RtV functional changes following ELVR, as assessed by use of speckle tracking-based RtV deformation analysis. METHODS We enrolled 32(More)
INTRODUCTION Endoscopic lung volume reduction (ELVR) is an emerging therapy for emphysematous COPD. However, any resulting changes in lung perfusion and ventilation remain undetermined. Here, we report ELVR-mediated adaptations in lung perfusion and ventilation, as investigated by means of pulmonary scintigraphy. METHODS In this observational study, we(More)
BACKGROUND The pathomechanisms underlying aortic valve degeneration are incompletely understood. Therefore, the aim of our work was to assess the quantitative changes of proliferation and apoptosis accompanied by cellular phenotype alternations and matrix secretionin aortic sclerotic and stenotic valves and degenerative bioprostheses, as well as to detect(More)
Atherosclerosis with its manifestations and associated diseases is a main cause of morbidity and mortality in industrial countries. The pathomechanisms underlying atherosclerosis are complex and comprise exogenous factors as well as genetic predisposition. Beyond the well-defined risk factors for the development of atherosclerosis, obstructive sleep apnoea(More)
BACKGROUND Percutaneous transcatheter closure of patent foramen ovale (PFO) in cryptogenic stroke is an alternative to medical therapy. There is still debate on different outcome for each currently available device. The impact of residual shunting after PFO-closure on recurrent arterial embolism is unknown. - AIMS (i) To evaluate the prevalence of(More)
BACKGROUND Pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE) is an autosomal-recessive mineralisation disorder caused by loss of function mutations in the ABCC6 Gen. Histological findings and data of an autopsy of a PXE-patient suggest a possible pulmonal calcification. So far, there exists no clinical data whether PXE patients actually are at high risk of developing(More)
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