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BACKGROUND The costs of occupational diseases and accidents at work in the state members of the European Union keep at a level of several percent of their gross national product (GNP). Employees, employers and the society as a whole have to incur this financial burden. Therefore, all social partners should be involved in the improvement of health and safety(More)
Methods of economic appraisal developed for evaluating activities in health care system may as well be successfully used for evaluating occupational health service activities. This involves the problem of resources management and cost containment not only at the company level, but also at different managerial and institutional levels. The decision makers(More)
Although advanced neonatal care technology has contributed to significant decline in mortality of premature infants, it has also resulted in rising costs of hospitalization. Premature infants constitute 4% to 6% of all newborns treated annually in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) and that is why the cost of prematurity determines considerable financial(More)
The paper contains an analysis of condition of resources and scope of activity of all Industrial Health Care Units in Poland in the period between 1981-1986. Special attention is given to the problems of medical staff, especially industrial physicians and different specialists working for these Units. The relationship was discussed between the existing(More)
An analysis of costs incurred in tasks carried out by regional occupational health centers and sources of finance, completed by the Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine, allowed for defining obstacles in the efficient functioning of the finance management in these centers. Unsatisfactory system of financial information including. The information on(More)
BACKGROUND Economic evaluation of costs and effectiveness of the program aimed at early detection of lung diseases was the subject of the study. The scope of the study is related to the European tendency of creating information resources for public resources management. MATERIAL AND METHODS The study covered more than 14 000 people divided into three age(More)
The awareness of resources scarcity in the occupational health care makes one analyze allocation in the selected institutions of occupational health service in Poland. The principal issue was to find out the differentiation in medical staff use and the costs involved. Such conclusions resulting from inputs and outputs evaluation are expected to be a basis(More)
BACKGROUND World trends and international organization recommendations point out the necessity of OHS economic appraisal methods improvement in order to ensure effective resources management in companies. MATERIALS AND METHODS Published world literature on economic appraisal results, recommendations of international organizations, results of the own(More)
The rational planning and financing of occupational health services at the national level have to be based on an appropriate system of information about individual units and their financial status that could illustrate their financial administration. This is required not only in view of the internal needs of public money management, but also in view of the(More)