Izabela Przezdzik

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Conventional functional connectivity (FC) analysis of fMRI data derives a single measurement from the entire scan, generally several minutes in duration, which neglects the brain's dynamic behaviour and potentially loses important temporal information. Short-interval dynamic FC is an attractive proposition if methodological issues can be resolved and the(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES We examined whether interindividual differences in habitual sleep patterns, quantified as the cumulative habitual total sleep time (cTST) over a 2-w period, were reflected in waking measurements of intranetwork and internetwork functional connectivity (FC) between major nodes of three intrinsically connected networks (ICNs): default mode(More)
Advancing age is commonly associated with changes in both brain structure and function. Recently, the suggestion that alterations in brain connectivity may drive disruption in cognitive abilities with age has been investigated. However, the interaction between the effects of age and gender on the re-organization of resting-state networks is not fully(More)
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