Izabela Irzynska

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There have been many studies of computer based text reading. However, only a few have considered text integrated with video and 3D graphics. This paper presents an investigation into the effects of varying (a) text drawing style (plain, billboard, Anti-Interference, shadow), (b) image polarity (positive and negative), and (c) background style (video and 3D)(More)
Link quality estimation has been an active area of research within the wireless sensor network community. It is now well known that the estimation of reliable links requires few sample packets — less than 10, while the estimation of unreliable links require many more — above 50. In scenarios where unreliable links are ubiquitous, and a rapid(More)
The early Web was hailed for being easy to use, and what is more important, giving people a chance to participate in its growth. The Web3D was believed to have potential to be the next step in the Web's evolution, since it could benefit from graphics hardware and provide users with new and exciting experiences. Nevertheless, Virtual Reality Markup Language(More)
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