Izabela E Annis

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The formation of disulfide bridges is often a crucial final stage in peptide synthesis. There is compelling evidence that the disulfide pattern can be critical in the folding and structural stabilization of many natural peptide and protein sequences, while the artificial introduction of disulfide bridges into natural or designed peptides may often improve(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Over a third of adults in the United States have limited health literacy, which has been associated with numerous negative health outcomes and high health care costs. Most commonly used, objective measures of patients' literacy skills have traditionally been administered in person. This study assessed the feasibility of(More)
BACKGROUND Current adherence scales often fail to assess the full spectrum of behaviors associated with safe and appropriate drug use and may be unsuitable for patients with limited health literacy. We sought to develop and evaluate a comprehensive yet brief Measure of Drug Self-Management (MeDS) for use in research and clinical settings among diverse(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the validity of a predictive model of health literacy, and to examine the relationship between derived health literacy estimates and 30-day hospital readmissions for acute myocardial infarction (AMI). DESIGN Retrospective cohort study. SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS A National Institute of Aging (NIA) study cohort of 696 adult,(More)
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