Ixchel Georgina Ramirez-Alpizar

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A rigid plate end-effector at the tip of a high-speed manipulator can remotely manipulate an object without grasping it. This paper discusses a dynamic nonprehensile manipulation strategy to rotate thin deformable objects on a rigid plate with two degrees of freedom (DOFs). The deformation of the object due to dynamic effects is exploited to produce fast(More)
This paper discusses a nonprehensile dynamic manipulation of a deformable object, where the object is remotely manipulated on a plate attached at the tip of a bar. We have found that the object's deformation generated by dynamic effects can drastically contribute to a fast and stable object rotation. We introduce a new simulation model for a sheet-like(More)
This paper discusses a motion planning method for assembling a ring-shaped elastic part to a cylindrical part by using a dual-arm manipulator. When assembling a ring-shaped elastic part, it is important to keep the amount of elastic deformation as small as possible during the assembly task. To achieve this purpose, we show that it is effective to utilize(More)
This paper discusses a dynamic nonprehensile manipulation of a thin flexible object where the object rotates on a plate. We have found that a thin flexible object shows bipedal-gaited motions when rotating on the vibrating plate and that the maximal angular velocity of the object is achieved by an appropriate plate motion with respect to the object's(More)
This paper presents a method for planning motions of a flexible objects based on precise simulation using Finite Element Method (FEM). The proposed method is applied to ring-shape objects manipulated by robot arms, which is often seen in various applications. Since large deformation is implied, assembly planning with realistic simulation is important to(More)
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