Ixchel Castellanos

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INTRODUCTION It is well known that etomidate may cause adrenal insufficiency. However, the clinical relevance of adrenal suppression after a single dose of etomidate remains vague. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between the administration of a single dose of etomidate or an alternative induction regime ahead of major cardiac(More)
OBJECTIVE Mining the electronic medical record (EMR) has the potential to deliver new medical knowledge about causal effects, which are hidden in statistical associations between different patient attributes. It is our goal to detect such causal mechanisms within current research projects which include e.g. the detection of determinants of imminent ICU(More)
BACKGROUND Patient Data Management Systems (PDMS) support clinical documentation at the bedside and have demonstrated effects on completeness of patient charting and the time spent on documentation. These systems are costly and raise the question if such a major investment pays off. We tried to answer the following questions: How do costs and revenues of an(More)
Introduction Erlangen University Hospital is a tertiary care university hospital with 1,400 beds. A hospital information system with clinical workstations has been in use for several years (1). Since 2006, a commercial patient data management system (PDMS) has been rolled out successively to include 8 intensive care units of the hospital, covering about 100(More)
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