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SAMSum Corpus: A Human-annotated Dialogue Dataset for Abstractive Summarization
This paper introduces the SAMSum Corpus, a new dataset with abstractive dialogue summaries, and is the first attempt to introduce a high-quality chat-dialogues corpus, manually annotated with Abstractive summarizations, which can be used by the research community for further studies. Expand
Very high energy emission as a probe of relativistic magnetic reconnection in pulsar winds
The population of gamma-ray pulsars, including Crab observed in the TeV range, and Vela detected above 50 GeV, challenges existing models of pulsed high-energy emission. Such models should beExpand
Charge-starved, Relativistic Jets and Blazar Variability
High energy emission from blazars is thought to arise in a relativistic jet launched by a supermassive black hole. The emission site must be far from the hole and the jet relativistic, in order toExpand
High-energy emission from pulsar binaries
Unpulsed, high-energy emission from pulsar binaries can be attributed to the interaction of a pulsar wind with that of a companion star. At the shock between the outflows, particles carried away fromExpand
Waves in Poynting-flux dominated jets
Abstract High-energy emission from blazars is thought to arise in a relativistic jet launched by a supermassive black hole. The rapid variability of the emission suggests that structure of lengthExpand
Nonlinear waves in Poynting-flux dominated outflows
Rotating, compact objects power some of the most spectacular phenomena in astrophysics, e.g., gamma-ray bursts, active galactic nuclei and pulsar winds. The energy is carried by Poynting flux, andExpand
Propagation and Stability of Superluminal Waves in Pulsar Winds
Nonlinear electromagnetic waves with superluminal phase velocity can propagate in the winds around isolated pulsars, and around some pulsars in binary systems. Using a short-wavelength approximation,Expand
Strong Electromagnetic Waves and Pulsar Termination Shocks
Rapidly spinning, magnetized neutron stars lose their rotational energy in a relativistic outflow that can be regarded as a large-amplitude wave. Close to the star, where the pair plasma in theExpand
The stability of strong waves and its implications for pulsar wind shocks
Strong waves can mediate a shock transition between a pulsar wind and its surroundings, playing the role of an extended precursor, in which the energy is effectively transferred from fields toExpand