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MDA is a modern approach to software system development. The paper proposes how database design may be embedded into such development process. It is shown how database models are associated with MDA models, and next qualitative analysis of problems that are concerned with transformation of databases models along with transformation of non-functional(More)
Conceptual, logical, and physical database models can be regarded as PIM, PSM<sub>1</sub>, and PSM<sub>2</sub> data models within MDA architecture, respectively. Many different logical database models can be derived from a given conceptual database model by applying a set of transformations rules. To choose a logical database model for further(More)
The aim of the paper is to propose a method for evaluation of logical database models in the context of transaction performance. Logical database models can be regarded as PSM models within MDA architecture. The logical database models are driven from a given conceptual database model (a part of PIM model within MDA) by applying different transformations(More)
The paper discusses how to carry evaluation of software product quality within software development process. The evaluation process bases on a quality model being an instance of a quality model. Quality model, elaborated basing on ISO quality standards, may be used both for specification of quality requirements and quality assessment. The evaluation process(More)
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