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MOTIVATION Biological processes can be considered at many levels of detail, ranging from atomic mechanism to general processes such as cell division, cell adhesion or cell invasion. The experimental study of protein function and gene regulation typically provides information at many levels. The representation of hierarchical process knowledge in biology is(More)
Identification of novel targets for the development of more effective antimalarial drugs and vaccines is a primary goal of the Plasmodium genome project. However, deciding which gene products are ideal drug/vaccine targets remains a difficult task. Currently, a systematic disruption of every single gene in Plasmodium is technically challenging. Hence, we(More)
MOTIVATION A critical element of the computational infrastructure required for functional genomics is a shared language for communicating biological data and knowledge. The Gene Ontology (GO; http://www.geneontology.org) provides a taxonomy of concepts and their attributes for annotating gene products. As GO increases in size, its ongoing construction and(More)
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