Iwao Sugimoto

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Parametric relationships between the genotype x environment interaction and the genetic correlation of the same attribute measured in two different environments are derived. It is shown that the criticism by Fernando et al. (1984) of Yamada's method (1962) in the case of unbalanced data is irrelevant.
This paper proposes a smart gas sensing system to achieve emotion recognition using breath gas information. A breath gas sensing system is designed by using a quartz crystal resonator with a plasma-polymer film as a sensor. To collect breath gas data under emotional state, psychological experiments are carried out using a dental rise to excite emotions. In(More)
This paper investigates emotion recognition from breath gas information. A breath gas sensing system is designed by using a quartz crystal resonator with a plasma-polymer film as a sensor. For computational experiment of emotion recognition, the machine learning-based approach, such as artificial neural network and support vector machine, is investigated.(More)
Thickness shear mode quartz-crystal resonator coated with plasma polymer films (PPFs) produced by radio-frequency sputtering of biomaterials and synthetic polymers were examined with respect to their abilities to continuously monitor indoor air. We confirmed the sensory capabilities of an array of PPF sensors to aromas emitted from essential oils at(More)
The gas sorption capacities of sputtered carbonaceous films are evaluated with quartz crystal resonators. These films are sensitive to 20 ppm organic vapors and exhibit structure-dependent responses. Films derived from synthetic polymers are hydrophobic, whereas films derived from biomaterials are amphiphilic or hydrophilic. Polyethylene (PE) film has an(More)
Thin layers of pyroglutamic acid (Pygl) have been deposited by thermal evaporation of the molten L-glutamic acid (L-Glu) through intramolecular lactamization. This deposition was carried out with the versatile handmade low-vacuum coater, which was simply composed of a soldering iron placed in a vacuum degassing resin chamber evacuated by an oil-free(More)
This study investigates a method for recognition of tea aroma using a multilayer neural network. A gas-sensing system utilising an array of quartz crystal resonators coated with plasma-organic-polymer-films is designed. Three teas, oolong, jasmine and puerh, are used as the sources of sample gas. Wavelet transform frequency analysis is applied to the(More)
We demonstrated the discrimination of volatile sulfur compound mixtures with different mixing ratios by using an array of the plasma-polymerized film (PPF)-coated quartz crystal resonators. The PPF sensor array, which contains PPFs prepared from amino acids and synthetic polymers, exhibited different response patterns to mono or mixed volatile sulfur(More)
This paper proposes a mathematical model of a mass-sensitive chemical sensor with a PPF-coated quartz crystal resonator (QCR) to enable its use for the signal processing of gas sensing systems that are operated under ambient conditions. To approximate the pulse-like responses of the PPF-coated QCR sensor to the sample gas and adsorbed water, a mathematical(More)
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