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PROFINET, an automation network based on Ethernet, includes the automatic discovery of the physical topology with the link layer discovery protocol (LLDP) in its newest specifications. In this paper we present the objectives of LLDP in PROFINET and general information about the protocol and other parts of IEEE 802.1AB, which describes LLDP. During the(More)
The use of Ethernet based solutions in automation applications raises the question of test tools. Free tools like Wireshark, formerly known as Ethereal, are available and offer decoding of real-time Ethernet like PROFINET IO. But is such a software based tool able to measure the required real-time constraints? What are the limits of such software based(More)
The paper describes recent design and development efforts in DLR's robotics lab towards a new generation of " mecha-tronic " ultra-light weight robots with articulated hands. The design of fully sensorized joints with complete state feedback and the underlying mechanisms are outlined. The second lightweight arm generation is available now; in the same way(More)
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