Iwan Grin

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Autotransport in Gram-negative bacteria denotes the ability of surface-localized proteins to cross the outer membrane (OM) autonomously. Autotransporters perform this task with the help of a β-barrel transmembrane domain localized in the OM. Different classes of autotransporters have been investigated in detail in recent years; classical monomeric but also(More)
Genomic neighborhood can provide important insights into evolution and function of a protein or gene. When looking at operons, changes in operon structure and composition can only be revealed by looking at the operon as a whole. To facilitate the analysis of the genomic context of a query in multiple organisms we have developed Genomic Context Viewer(More)
Trimeric autotransporter adhesins (TAAs) are important virulence factors of many Gram-negative bacterial pathogens. TAAs form fibrous, adhesive structures on the bacterial cell surface. Their N-terminal extracellular domains are exported through a C-terminal membrane pore; the insertion of the pore domain into the bacterial outer membrane follows the rules(More)
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