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This study investigates prediction of oil consumption in Malaysia. Models of oil consumption are developed and validated with respect to training and validation dataset. Available data for Malaysia is annual data from 1982 to 2006 comprises Population, GDP per Capita, and Oil Consumption data. Prediction time target is year 2020 which is commonly used by(More)
Energy planning and preparation is important to ensure stability in economy and security of a nation. It depends on the accurate prediction of future demand of energy. This paper presents prediction of oil demand as one of the energy sources used in Malaysia. Mathematical model is developed from historical data to approximate the function of oil(More)
Sperm quality can be measured by sperm count, vitality, morphology, motility, etc. Unfortunately, it is very hard to assess sperm quality manually especially sperm motility. To overcome this, researchers developed Computer-Aided Sperm Analysis (CASA). This device was still an expensive one so that only big medical laboratories used it. Small medical(More)
A general model of oil consumption is investigated in this study. This model should be applicable to different countries even with different characteristics. Conventional model that works very well for Malaysia is tested with seven developing Asian countries: China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, and Thailand. The results have shown that(More)
Based on Indonesian standard in measuring bull sperm quality, motility is the most important parameter. Sperm motility can be measured manually by medical veterinarian or using Computer Aided Sperm Analysis (CASA) system. Measuring bull sperm motility manually is the most popular method nevertheless it is often subjective and high variability. CASA gives(More)
Signal source localization has become an interesting research problem due to its wide applications. Time Difference of Arrival is one of the popular models to estimate the location of signal source using multiple sensors. Closed-form and exact-solution algorithms are commonly utilized to solve non-linear distance equations in the model through linearization(More)
Bandung State Polytechnic (POLBAN) has participated twice in humanoid robot soccer competition. From those two participations, it was known that the weakness was in computer vision. Computer vision capability is constrained by robot hardware specifications so that it was impossible to embed our recent object recognition application. In this study, we(More)
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