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This paper considers the impact on organisational culture of systematized knowledge management, as expressed through workflow management systems and through XML content management systems. Workflow management systems have been used, principally in the banking and finance industry, since the late 1980s. They are frequently associated with downsizing or with(More)
The UK's National Health Service (NHS) was founded 50 years ago and is now the largest employer in Europe. As with any enormous corporation, there will be procedural and administrative problems in enacting any type of organizational change, and the NHS, run partly by government, partly by managers and partly by clinicians, has been subject to most of them.(More)
Can Information Systems bring wisdom? Dealing with the primacy of knowledge in an in-patient mental health setting" ABSTRACT This paper reviews the varieties of knowledge that have to be used in mental health care, and points out some of the unique features of knowledge management in this area. It focuses on the use of types of tacit knowledge-from '(More)
This paper explores the relationship between organisational knowledge, organisational culture, and Process Based Systems (PBS), in the U.K. National Health Service (NHS). Links between PBS and organisational culture have been observed before(Perry, 2003); the contribution made by PBS to organisational knowledge has also been suggested (Perry, 2004).(More)
An investigation has been made into the form of the EMG signals from the human bladder and urethral and anal sphincters. A buildup of the low frequency detrusor EMG before micturition occurs in some patients and this is more marked in patients with urgency. A good correlation occurs between the amount of EMG activity and bladder activity as assessed by the(More)
A computer program written mainly in a high level language (ALGOL), but with the sampling routine and certain calculations written in assembly language (SIR), has been developed to assess neuromuscular blockade in anaesthetized man by means of an Elliott 903 digital computer. The program allows the on-line real-time analysis of a range of variables(More)
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