Ivonne López

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In this paper the phonetic and speech corpus DIMEx100 for Mexican Spanish is presented. We discuss both the linguistic motivation and the computational tools employed for the design, collection and transcription of the corpus. The phonetic transcription methodology is based on recent empirical studies proposing a new basic set of allophones and phonological(More)
Trends in complex, software-intensive control systems show a continuous process of incorporating mechanisms of self-representation and reflection. One of the main reasons is to improve system performance and resilience in changing uncertain environments. These approaches employ runtime models of the system itself that, to some extent, are identifiable with(More)
This paper describes an experiment to implement a high-level, cognitive architecture on limited resources, namely, an altera cyclone/cyclone-II FPGA. It is part of a broader line of research investigating methods of scaling high-level, cognitive or "intelligent" architectures into limited resources, for building embedded systems. An artificial vision system(More)
Ontologies and agents are two research areas that have become intertwined in recent years. Ontologies have started to be developed aiming at agent–based applications. Agents have benefited by the use of ontologies in heavily information– based processes. From the theory of ontology and agenthood to its application in practice, we have reviewed the available(More)
The Sol y Agua project will augment the learning environment of middle school students with the creation of a computer game based on regional issues explored through information overload, virtual simulations, and real world data [1]. The game has a theme of water sustainability and stewardship with an emphasis on information analysis, negotiation, and(More)
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