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In this paper the phonetic and speech corpus DIMEx100 for Mexican Spanish is presented. We discuss both the linguistic motivation and the computational tools employed for the design, collection and transcription of the corpus. The phonetic transcription methodology is based on recent empirical studies proposing a new basic set of allophones and phonological(More)
Since ALMA instrument will have low noise receivers with very large instantaneous bandwidth, gain stability should be carefully specified to avoid limiting the sensitivity of the total system. This memorandum reviews the methods for the characterization of gain stability in the time and frequency domain and presents examples of experimental setups used for(More)
The Sol y Agua project will augment the learning environment of middle school students with the creation of a computer game based on regional issues explored through information overload, virtual simulations, and real world data [1]. The game has a theme of water sustainability and stewardship with an emphasis on information analysis, negotiation, and(More)
Data Science, the field of data extraction, manipulation, and analysis in order to derive knowledge or insight, is becoming an essential component of effective management and planning for industrial, research, scientific, and social communities. With the goal of engaging middle-school students in the important field of Data Science, the Sol y Agua project(More)
Photovoltaic modules are more efficient the lower their temperature is. Photovoltaic-thermal technologies, PVT, exploit this feature by refrigerating the conventional photovoltaic module with a heat exchanger, usually based either on air or on water. The water is heated in the exchanger, so it can be used as hot water directly, saving energy. However,(More)
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