Ivonne López

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In this paper the phonetic and speech corpus DIMEx100 for Mexican Spanish is presented. We discuss both the linguistic motivation and the computational tools employed for the design, collection and transcription of the corpus. The phonetic transcription methodology is based on recent empirical studies proposing a new basic set of allophones and phonological(More)
Data Science, the field of data extraction, manipulation, and analysis in order to derive knowledge or insight, is becoming an essential component of effective management and planning for industrial, research, scientific, and social communities. With the goal of engaging middle-school students in the important field of Data Science, the Sol y Agua project(More)
The Sol y Agua project will augment the learning environment of middle school students with the creation of a computer game based on regional issues explored through information overload, virtual simulations, and real world data [1]. The game has a theme of water sustainability and stewardship with an emphasis on information analysis, negotiation, and(More)
PAPI is a widely used portable library for accessing hardware counters on modern microprocessors. PAPI offers both counting and sampling interfaces, but the sampling interface is extremely limited, consisting of a simple interrupt-driven interface that can periodically report processor state. In the past few years, the hardware and operating systems of(More)
Exploring the Web in search of relevant information is a difficult task due to the vast amount of documents it stores and to the heterogeneity of such documents. Using automated systems such as search engines help users cope with the size of the Web. However the results produced by these systems usually contain documents from a large variety of topics with(More)
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