Ivonne Figueroa-González

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Owing to their health benefits, probiotics and prebiotics are nowadays widely used in yogurts and fermented milks, which are leader products of functional foods worldwide. The world market for functional foods has grown rapidly in the last three decades, with an estimated size in 2003 of ca US$ 33 billion, while the European market estimation exceeded US$ 2(More)
The biodegradation of N2O by a non-acclimated secondary activated sludge in the presence of O2 was studied. Batch tests with a headspace containing an initial N2O concentration of ∼400 mg m(-3) (∼200 ppmv) and initial O2 gas concentrations of 0%, 1%, 2%, 5% and 21% were investigated. The effect of O2 on the biokinetic parameters qmax (maximum specific N2O(More)
BACKGROUND Probiotics and prebiotics are among the most important functional food ingredients worldwide. The proven benefits of such ingredients to human health have encouraged the development of functional foods containing both probiotics and prebiotics. In this work, the production of antimicrobial compounds coupled to the uptake of commercial prebiotics(More)
To assess the effect of adding solid manure fractions on the biomethane potential (BMP) of liquid dairy cow manure and on the biokinetic parameters of the process. The methanogenic potential of liquid dairy cow manure was strongly effected by adding a solid manure fraction. The 90/10 % (w/w) liquid/solid manure fraction mixture was the best substrate for(More)
Biological methane biodegradation is a promising treatment alternative when the methane produced in waste management facilities cannot be used for energy generation. Two-phase partitioning bioreactors (TPPBs), provided with a non-aqueous phase (NAP) with high affinity for the target pollutant, are particularly suitable for the treatment of poorly(More)
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