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Secondary treatment of municipal wastewater affects the mechanical stability of polymer Ca-alginate beads containing the microalgae Chlorella vulgaris that are jointly immobilized with Azospirillum brasilense as treating agents whose presence do not affect bead stability. Nine strains of potential alginate-degrading bacteria were isolated from wastewater(More)
The protective capabilities of three Leishmania recombinant proteins - histone 1 (H1) and hydrophilic acylated surface protein B1 (HASPB1) immunized singly, or together as a protein cocktail vaccine with Montanide, and the polyprotein MML immunized with MPL-SE adjuvant - were assessed in beagle dogs. Clinical examination of the dogs was carried out(More)
Neutral stimuli associated with unconditioned stimuli (USs) acquire the ability to act as conditioned stimuli (CSs), which can elicit behaviors similar to the US with which they are associated. The neural mechanisms by which this occurs are not fully known. We have previously proposed a model stipulating CSs function as such because they acquire the(More)
Heroin users report reward deficits as well as reward enhancements (to drug stimuli). To better understand the causal relation between chronic heroin and alterations in natural reward processing, we used experimental techniques in animal models. Separate groups of rats were trained in several food reward paradigms: conditioned place preference (CPP),(More)
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