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An upgraded artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm for constrained optimization problems
Artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm developed by Karaboga is a nature inspired metaheuristic based on honey bee foraging behavior. It was successfully applied to continuous unconstrainedExpand
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Crossover-based artificial bee colony algorithm for constrained optimization problems
  • Ivona Brajevic
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Neural Computing and Applications
  • 1 October 2015
Abstract Artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm represents one of the most-studied swarm intelligence algorithms. Since the original ABC has been found to be very effective, today there are a lot ofExpand
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Improved artificial bee colony algorithm for constrained problems
In this paper an improved version of the Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm adjusted for constrained optimization problems is presented. It has been implemented and tested on several engineeringExpand
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Cuckoo Search and Firefly Algorithm Applied to Multilevel Image Thresholding
Multilevel image thresholding is a technique widely used in image processing, most often for segmentation. Exhaustive search is computationally prohibitively expensive since the number of possibleExpand
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Performance of the improved artificial bee colony algorithm on standard engineering constrained problems
—Artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm is successfully used for many hard, mostly continuous, optimization problems. There is a way to extend standard ABC algorithm to constrained problems. In thisExpand
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An upgraded firefly algorithm with feasibility-based rules for constrained engineering optimization problems
The firefly algorithm (FA) has become one of the most prominent swarm intelligence methods due to its efficiency in solving a wide range of various real-world problems. In this paper, an upgradedExpand
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Training Feed-Forward Neural Networks Using Firefly Algorithm
In this work, firefly algorithm (FA) is used in training feed-forward neural networks (FNN) for classification purpose. In experiments, three well-known classification problems have been used toExpand
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The recently developed firefly algorithm has become one of the prominent population-based metaheuristics due to its efficiency in solving a wide range of diverse real-world problems. In this paper anExpand
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An object-oriented software implementation of a modified artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm
This paper describes an object-oriented software system for continuous optimization by a modified artificial bee colony (ABC) metaheuristic. Karaboga's ABC algorithm was successfully used on manyExpand
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New Hybrid Conjugate Gradient and Broyden–Fletcher–Goldfarb–Shanno Conjugate Gradient Methods
Three hybrid methods for solving unconstrained optimization problems are introduced. These methods are defined using proper combinations of the search directions and included parameters in conjugateExpand
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