Ivo T. Toševski

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A survey to detect and characterise benzimidazole resistance within populations of Cercospora beticola in Serbia was performed. From 52 field isolates collected from sugar beet and beet root, only(More)
A progressive spread of stolbur-associated symptoms observed in potato fields in Serbia over the past few years initiated the study on disease epidemiology and transmission pathways performed during(More)
A 2-year study of host association, molecular characterisation and vector transmission of a phytoplasma related to the 16SrII group in a vineyard of south-eastern Serbia was conducted. Grapevine,(More)
Several populations of the stem-mining weevil Mecinus janthinus Germar species complex (Mecinini, Curculionidae), identified based on morphological characteristics, have been introduced in North(More)