Ivo-Pavao Jazbec

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In this paper we present newly developed inflectional lexcions and manually annotated corpora of Croatian and Serbian. We introduce hrLex and srLex—two freely available inflectional lexicons of Croatian and Serbian—and describe the process of building these lexicons, supported by supervised machine learning techniques for lemma and paradigm prediction.(More)
We present the development strategies and results of the CroMo morphological analyzer for Croatian. It was designed as a monolithic finite state based morphological segmentation and annotation tool, that emits feature bundles for all recognized morphemes and sub-morphemes, and generates lemmata for the lexical root and complex compounds in one swoop. Its(More)
This article describes a highly optimized algorithm and implementation of a deterministic weighted finite state transducer for morphological analysis. We show how various functionalities can be integrated into one machine, without sacrificing performance or flexibility, and and still maintaining applicability to various languages. The annotation schema used(More)
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