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The Rayleigh-Ritz method is widely used for eigenvalue approximation. Given a matrix X with columns that form an orthonormal basis for a subspace X , and a Hermitian matrix A, the eigenvalues of X H AX are called Ritz values of A with respect to X. If the subspace X is A-invariant then the Ritz values are some of the eigenvalues of A. If the A-invariant(More)
  • I Panayotov
  • 1980
Nuclei from Triticum aestivum L. cultivars 'Penjamo 62' and 'Siete Cerros 66' were introduced into the cytoplasms of different species of Aegilops and some subspecies (varieties) of T. dicoccoides by backcrossing. The sterile alloplasmic lines obtained were compared with the normal cultivars used as the recurrent pollen parents. According to the cytoplasmic(More)
If x, y ∈ C n are unit-length vectors (x H x = y H y = 1) where y is an approximation to an eigenvector x of A = A H ∈ C n×n with Ax = xλ, λ = x H Ax ∈ R, then it is well known that the Rayleigh quotient y H Ay satisfies |λ − y H Ay| ≤ sin 2 θ(x, y).spread(A). (1) Here if λ 1 (A) ≥ · · · ≥ λ n (A) are the eigenvalues of A in descending order then spread(A)(More)
Studies of pure phospholipid monolayers or various well defined lipid mixtures have greatly contributed to the current knowledge of the relationship between monolayer composition and its properties and to understand how their physicochemical properties, e.g. refraction, polarization, are controlled by structural variations at the molecular level. Therefore,(More)
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