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Acetoclastic methanogenesis in the second stage of a two-phase biogas reactor is investigated. A mathematical model coupling chemical reactions with transport of process liquid and with the variation of population of the microorganisms living on the plastic tower packing of the reactor is proposed. The evolution of the liquid is described by an(More)
The focus of this work is the development of a model for the estimation of methane emissions for storage tanks of biogas plants. Those can be estimated depending on (i) hydraulic retention time in the digester, (ii) an arbitrary removal rate of the digestate from the storage tank and (iii) arbitrary temperature conditions in the storage tank. Furthermore,(More)
In this article a mathematical model is introduced, which estimates the distribution of the four anaerobic digestion phases (hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis and methanogenesis) that occur among the leach bed reactor and the anaerobic filter of a biogas plant. It is shown that only the hydrolysis takes place in the first stage (leach bed reactor),(More)
Data from 24 full scale biogas plants in Germany digesting cow manure and crops were evaluated. Special emphasis was given to the effect of hydraulic retention time HRT and proportion of crops in the mixture (VS basis) p(VS,Crops)(Inp) on the methane yield from the digester [Formula: see text] and the storage tank [Formula: see text] at 37 and 22°C. The(More)
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