Ivo Kljenak

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Prediction of thermal loads on nuclear reactor vessel lower plenum after core melting and relocation during a severe accident requires knowledge about the core melt behavior, especially the circulation pattern. To analyze the heat transfer dynamics on the lower plenum walls, two-dimensional numerical simulations of a fluid flow with internal heat generation(More)
The LACOMECO project provides European organizations access to experimental facilities at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) designed to study the remaining severe accident safety issues, including the coolability of a degraded core, corium coolability in RPV, melt dispersion to the reactor cavity, and hydrogen mixing and combustion in the containment.(More)
Two and three-dimensional simulations of experiments on atmosphere mixing and stratification in a nuclear power plant containment were performed with the code CFX4.4, with the inclusion of simple models for steam condensation. The purpose was to assess the applicability of the approach to simulate the behaviour of light gases in containments at accident(More)
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