Ivo J H Tiemessen

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Acclimatization to chronic hypoxia (CH) increases ventilation (V(I)) and the isocapnic hypoxic ventilatory response (HVR) over 2-14 days but hypoxic desensitization blunts the HVR after years of CH. We tested for hypoxic desensitization during the first 2 months of CH by studying five normal subjects at sea level (SL) and for 8 weeks at 3800 m (CH, PI(O(2))(More)
BACKGROUND The onset of jumper's knee is generally associated with sports and sporting activities. Employees in certain professions might be at risk as well for developing jumper's knee. Therefore, it is of interest to identify risk factors in sport and/or occupation. FINDINGS A systematic search of the international scientific literature was performed(More)
BACKGROUND Whole body vibration (WBV) exposure at work is common and studies found evidence that this exposure might cause low back pain (LBP). A recent review concluded there is a lack of evidence of effective strategies to reduce WBV exposure. Most research in this field is focussed on the technical implications, although changing behaviour towards WBV(More)
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