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PURPOSE To assess the variability in choroidal laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF). METHODS Five measurements of choroidal blood flow were obtained on 5 days in both eyes of 10 subjects. Reliability, sensitivity, and sample size calculations were performed. Yield, the intensity of the returning light (direct current [DC]) divided by the signal amplification(More)
Player feedback data was collected for the pervasive game “Meet Your Heartbeat Twin”, an event-type LBS (Location-Based Service) game including affective computing through the player’s live heartbeats. Correlation analysis of the data demonstrates broad client profile for pervasive games, covering age, gender and hobbies. The data also shows that Urban(More)
A frequent source of errors in dynamic light-scattering experiments is partial heterodyning caused by scattering on large particles or imperfections of the sample cell. With a conventional two-pinhole receiver it is impossible to distinguish its effect from the effects of a finite detector area and detector nonlinearity. However, an accurate data analysis(More)
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