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The transverse momentum and rapidity distributions of net protons and negatively charged hadrons have been measured for minimum bias proton–nucleus and deuteron– gold interactions, as well as central oxygen–gold and sulphur–nucleus collisions at 200 GeV per nucleon. The rapidity density of net protons at midrapidity in central nucleus– nucleus collisions(More)
The diiractive production of 0 (770) mesons in muon-proton interactions is studied in the kinematic region 0.15 GeV 2 < Q 2 < 20 GeV 2 and 20 GeV < < 420 GeV. The data were obtained in the Fermilab xed-target experiment E665 with primary muons of 470 GeV energy. Results are presented on the Q 2 , x and dependence of the cross section, on the shape of the +(More)
In an experiment at the CERN ISR, a streamer chamber detector surrounding one of the intersection regions was triggered on large transverse momentum ~r°'s by means of an array of lead-glass counters. The directions of charged particles and "r rays converted in lead-oxide plates inside the streamer chamber were measured. Data were taken at a c.m. energy(More)
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