Ivo Colombo

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The effect of compaction pressure on the capillary characteristics of compacts of a crystalline drug and of a pure polymer was studied by means of penetration and porosimetry measurements. Not only the constant but also the exponent m of the general penetration volume-time relationship V = Kmtm proved to be strongly dependent on the pressure: as the(More)
In this work we propose an Uncertainty Quantification methodology for sedimentary basins evolution under mechanical and geochemical compaction processes, which we model as a coupled, time-dependent, nonlinear, monodimensional (depth-only) system of PDEs with uncertain parameters. While in previous works (Formaggia et al. 2013, Porta et al., 2014) we assumed(More)
In this paper the solid-state transformations under heating of cis-[Ir(CO)2Cl(C5H5N)] are discussed. The complexity of the transformations was revealed by integrating infrared spectroscopy, conventional and bidimensional X-ray diffraction, thermal analysis, and hot stage optical microscopy. During heating anisotropic expansion of the lattice along the Ir-Ir(More)
Mucoadhesive properties of several polymers, such as sodium alginate, hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, scleroglucan, xanthan gum, polyacrylic acid (Carbopol), and poly co-(methyl vinyl ether-maleic anhydride) (Gantrez), have been investigated by comparing a thermodynamical and a mechanical approach. Surface properties of polymers in the dry state have been(More)
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