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We report on three cases of symptomatic transmission of the L-Zagreb mumps vaccine virus from three vaccinated children to five adult contacts. The five contact cases were parents of the vaccinated children and presented with parotitis and in one case also with aseptic meningitis. The etiology of the contacts' illness was determined by viral culture,(More)
Cryptococcus neoformans is a leading cause of invasive cryptoccocal infections which include meningitis/meningoencephalitis, cerebral cryptococcoma, invasive pulmonary and mediastinal infection. Invasive infection is mainly diagnosed in immunocompromised patients, especially in HIV-infected individuals. There is a rising number of patients with invasive(More)
INTRODUCTION / Uvod The navigational offi cer on board a warship is responsible during his watch to monitor the operation of all ship systems, supervise the work of the members of the navigational watch and other routines during the voyage. When on watch the navigational offi cers use diff erent data sources in order to conduct safe navigation and determine(More)
Current therapy for hepatitis B has a limited effect and can rarely eradicate viral infection (normalization of ALT, nullification of HBV DNA, or seroconversion of HBsAg to anti-HBs). Progress in hepatitis B therapy over the last 5 years did not have much influence in this segment. Modifications in therapeutic indications for both acute and chronic(More)
There has been a dramatic improvement in diagnostic procedures and therapy of viral hepatitis in the last 20 years. Improvements in therapy caused an increase in actual cost, however, with significant long-term savings through a decreased cost of treatment of advanced liver disease including liver transplantation. The Croatian National Board for Viral(More)
Summarized text of Croatian Consensus Conference on Viral Hepatitis of 2009 comprises the following chapters: 1) Epidemiology, 2) Clinical Picture, 3) Diagnostic Procedure, 4) Aims of Treatment of Viral Hepatitis, 5) Terminology, 6) Medicaments (6.1. Interferon, 6.2. Analogues of Nucleozides and Nucleotides), 7) Hepatitis B (7.1. Serologic and Molecular HBV(More)
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