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The primate fossil record in the Iberian Peninsula
During the last decade, new discoveries in several Iberian basins, together with the description of previously unpublished finds, have significantly increased the recorded paleodiversity of fossilExpand
The vertebral remains of the late Miocene great ape Hispanopithecus laietanus from Can Llobateres 2 (Vallès-Penedès Basin, NE Iberian Peninsula).
The vertebral morphology of Hispanopithecus supports previous inferences of an orthograde body plan with suspensory and climbing adaptations, and is consistent with some degree of above-branch quadrupedalism, as previously inferred from other anatomical regions. Expand
First record of macaques from the Early Pleistocene of Incarcal (NE Iberian Peninsula).
This poster presents a probabilistic reconstruction of the distribution and distribution of Carboniferous strata of the Tournaisian to Westphalian age using a model derived from X-ray diffraction analysis. Expand
Biochronological data for the middle pleistocene site of Grotte de la Carrière (Lachambre karstic complex, Corneilla-De-Conflent, Eastern Pyrenees, Southern France) inferred from the small-mammal
The Embulla Mountain, located between the municipalities of Ria and Corneilla-de-Conflent (Eastern Pyrenees), possesses a large karstic complex with more than 20 caves situated at differentExpand