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Qualitative electron microscopy was performed to verify whether brain pathology in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder is associated with alterations of oligodendroglial cells and myelinated fibers. Ultrastructural signs of apoptosis and necrosis of oligodendroglial cells were found in the prefrontal area 10 and the caudate nucleus in both schizophrenia and(More)
Neuroimaging and microarray studies provide evidence for myelin and oligodendrocyte abnormalities in schizophrenia (SZ). Electron microscopy demonstrated dystrophy, necrosis and apoptosis of oligodendrocytes, the most severely affected cells in SZ. The proportion of myelinated fibres with atrophy of axon and swelling of periaxonal oligodendrocyte processes(More)
OBJECTIVES Neuroimaging studies showed lowered blood flow, glucose metabolic rates and hypoactivation of the prefrontal cortex (PFC) in patients with schizophrenia. The aim of the study was to clear up whether there are abnormalities in the microvasculature in the neocortex in schizophrenia. METHODS Capillaries were studied in PFC (BA 10) and visual(More)
A qualitative and quantitative electron microscopic study of oligodendroglial cells was performed in autoptic (4-6.5 hours after death) prefrontal area 10 in 16 cases of schizophrenia, 6 cases of bipolar affective disorder and 16 normal controls, as well as in the caudate nucleus in same schizophrenic and control cases. The signs of reactive, regressive,(More)
Neuroimaging studies have shown that the core symptoms of schizophrenia are associated with local changes of cerebral blood flow, particularly in the frontal cortex. Previously we reported ultrastructural damage of capillaries in the upper layers of the prefrontal cortex, Brodmann's area (BA) 10 and in the visual cortex, BA 17 in schizophrenia. An electron(More)
An electron microscopic morphometric study of myelinated fibers and proportions of pathological myelinated fibers in postmortem prefrontal cortex, caudate nucleus and hippocampus was performed in 25 cases with schizophrenia and 25 normal controls. Pathology of myelinated fibers was similar in all brain structures in schizophrenia and included focal(More)
Electron microscopic morphometric study of postmortem prefrontal cortex (area 10) and visual cortex (area 17) was performed to estimate the numeric density (Nv) of synapses in layers I and II, neurons in layer II and the number of synapses per neuron in layer II in 20 cases of chronic schizophrenia and 16 healthy controls using stereological physical(More)
With the use of the electron microscope the authors studied the embryonic brain tissue obtained during medical abortion of 6 female schizophrenic patients. Ultrastructural peculiarities of the cell elements in the embryonic brain in theses cases were estimated in comparison with those found in the embryonic brain of 14 mentally healthy women. There is a(More)
  • I S Zimina
  • 1988
Autolysis was studied in neurohypophyseal secretory cells by electron microscopy at 30 min, 1-h, 3-h and 6-h intervals. In the first 30 minutes after decapitation mitochondrial slougness phenomenon was observed. "Mosaic" autolytic changes in the ultrastructure of neurohypophyseal cells were found. Severe destructive processes were clearly observed in(More)
AIM Previously the authors have reported the ultrastructural pathology of myelinated fibers (MF) in the brain in schizophrenia. The aim of the present study was to compare the effect of disease course on ultrastructural changes of MF. MATERIAL AND METHODS Postmortem electron microscopic morphometric study of MF was performed in the prefrontal cortex,(More)