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6-alkylidenepenicillanate sulfoxides and sulfones were synthesized on the base of 6-oxopenicillanate esters. The targeted splitting of their thiazolidine ring led to the formation of 3-alkylidene substituted 4-heteryldithio and 4-methylsulfonyl azetidin-2-ones. Some of mono and bicyclic beta-lactams revealed potent cytotoxic properties towards monolayer(More)
The majority of nonantibacterial activities discovered for beta-lactam derivatives during the last 15 years are based on their ability to form a stable covalent complex with nucleophile in the active site of enzymes regulating fundamental physiological processes in mammalian organism such as serine and cysteine proteases, LDL phospholipase A(2),(More)
The [2+3] dipolar cycloaddition of nitrile oxides to the double C = C bonds of thiophene-1, 1-dioxides leads to formation of the fused isoxazolines-2 (1, 2). Tumor growth inhibition of these compounds strongly depends on the nature of group IV A element increasing from slightly active tert-butyl derivatives to silicon and germanium containing analogues. The(More)
Selected 7-alkylidene substituted cephems were synthesized and subjected to antitumor assay. The effect of substituents was examined to establish structure-activity relationships. It was found that the intensive intracellular generation of nitric oxide induced by tert-butyl 7-alkylidene cephalosporanate sulfones could be also regarded as an additional(More)
Plasma NO-binding activity was studied in patients with various forms of hematological malignancies. The method used in the study quantitatively evaluated the plasma capacity to bind NO, which reflects the intensity of NO production and the degree of patient’s stress resistance. Plasma NO-binding activity significantly decreases in patients with(More)
Silicon and germanium containing pyridine aldoxime, ketoxime and amidoxime O-ethers have been prepared using phase transfer catalytic systems oxime alkyl halide solid KOH 18-crown-6 benzene and oxime alkyl halide solid K(2)CO(3) or Cs(2)CO(3) 18-crown-6 toluene. Cytotoxic activity of silicon and germanium containing pyridine oxime O-ethers was tested in(More)
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