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Silicon and germanium containing pyridine aldoxime, ketoxime and amidoxime O-ethers have been prepared using phase transfer catalytic systems oxime alkyl halide solid KOH 18-crown-6 benzene and oxime alkyl halide solid K(2)CO(3) or Cs(2)CO(3) 18-crown-6 toluene. Cytotoxic activity of silicon and germanium containing pyridine oxime O-ethers was tested in(More)
The [2+3] dipolar cycloaddition of nitrile oxides to the double C = C bonds of thiophene-1, 1-dioxides leads to formation of the fused isoxazolines-2 (1, 2). Tumor growth inhibition of these compounds strongly depends on the nature of group IV A element increasing from slightly active tert-butyl derivatives to silicon and germanium containing analogues. The(More)
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