Ivelin Angelov

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A second messenger-independent serine/threonine protein kinase from lactating goat mammary gland is purified and characterized. The purification steps include: homogenization, ultracentrifugation, ammonium sulphate precipitation, DEAE-Sepharose, phosphocellulose, hydrophobic and Mono Q columns. On the final step of purification the enzyme is revealed as a(More)
To gain insight into mechanisms of cell type-specific transcription of class mu-glutathione S-transferase genes, the gene encoding the Yb3 subunit was cloned. Yb3 subunits are selectively expressed at high levels in rat brain and testis but not in liver or kidney. The Yb3 subunit gene spans over 6 kb and consists of 8 exons and 7 introns and a sequence(More)
The transition from empirical and applied approach toward a scientific approach in modern medical disinsection is a result of the discoveries of the organic chemistry. The most intensive used substance in this field—DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) is introduced during World War II and contributes to world practical epidemiology just as antibiotics in(More)