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Based on the supposition related to fractal nature of transport processes in ion-conducting materials, an expression for the low-frequency ac conductivity dependence was derived. This expression for the ac conductivity generalizes the power-law dependence and gives a possibility to take into account the influence of the electrode polarization effect. The ac(More)
  • I Iu Popov
  • 2011
Since the system of animal world reflects evolutionary trends, an analysis of distribution of patterns of aging over this system provides information on the causes of the formation of differences among them. In this paper the system of the main animal groups in form of a table is presented, and the distribution of patterns demonstrating minimum and maximum(More)
—Deep learning and reinforcement learning methods have recently been used to solve a variety of problems in continuous control domains. An obvious application of these techniques is dexterous manipulation tasks in robotics which are difficult to solve using traditional control theory or hand-engineered approaches. One example of such a task is to grasp an(More)
According to Medawar's concept on the accumulation of harmful mutations, bat longevity should be explained by the fact, that they have no enemies: since the organisms were not being exterminated at the young age, the selection towards longevity took place at their ancestors; the specific mutations causing senescence have not been accumulating. However bats(More)
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