Ivaylo L Dimitrov

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Modifying the classical double pulse technique, by using a supersaturation gradient along an insulin solution contained in a glass capillary tube, we found conditions appropriate for the direct measurement of nucleation parameters. The nucleation time lag has been measured. Data for the number of crystal nuclei versus the nucleation time were obtained for(More)
Insulin (INS) was encapsulated into complexes with poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(L-lysine) (PEG-b-PLys), which is a polypeptide-based block copolymer (a neutral-cationic block polyelectrolyte). The particular cationic-neutral block copolymer can complex INS molecules in aqueous media via electrostatic interactions. Light-scattering techniques are used to(More)
The centrifugal increase of concentration is nondestructive, rapid, and simple technology. Therefore it is used to create a higher supersaturation that is required for crystal nucleation, as the one that is appropriate for the subsequent growth. Crystal nucleation is evoked in glass capillary tubes filled with protein solutions. The couple ferritin/(More)
Nanosized crystalline Fe3O4 (with an average particle size of 16 nm) was successfully synthesized on a carbon matrix surface. The prepared sample was heat-treated in the temperature range 300 degrees C - 750 degrees C to remove residual impurities and to obtain a final product with a 77:23 ratio between magnetite and the carbon support. The sample was(More)
Nucleation of lysozyme crystals in quiescent solutions at a regime of progressive nucleation is investigated under an optical microscope at conditions of constant supersaturation. A method based on the stochastic nature of crystal nucleation and using discrete time sampling of small solution volumes for the presence or absence of detectable crystals is(More)
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