Ivaylo K. Ivanov

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The paper describes a convenient and efficient method for regioselective synthesis of phosphorylated α-hydroxyallenes using an atom economical [2,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement of intermediate propargyl phosphites or phosphinites. These can be readily prepared via reaction of protected alkynols with dimethyl chlorophosphite or chlorodiphenyl phosphine(More)
This paper discusses a reaction of phosphorylated α-hydroxyallenes with protected or unprotected hydroxy groups involving 5-endo-trig cyclizations. Various electrophilic reagents such as sulfuryl chloride, bromine, benzenesulfenyl and benzeneselenenyl chlorides have been applied. The paper describes the reaction of 1-hydroxyalkyl-1,2-dienephosphonates with(More)
Phosphorylated α-hydroxyallenes 1 and 2 were smoothly converted into the corresponding 2,5-dihydrofurans 3 and 4 in an 5-endo-trig cycloisomerization reaction by using 5 mol % of coinage metal salts as catalyst. Experimental conditions such as the type of the solvent, the reaction temperature, the mol % and the type of the catalyst were optimized. This mild(More)
Enzymatic activity was studied in blood plasma, erythrocytes and liver tissue homogenate of rats treated with vegetable aromatic substances. 60 rats were kept within 3 months in atmosphere containing naturally occurring concentrations of monarde ester oil. Control animals were maintained in usual atmosphere of vivarium. In liver tissues of control animals(More)