Ivatury Mrityunjaya Rao

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Pregnancy after valve replacement has been considered hazardous because of maternal and fetal complications secondary to anticoagulant medication, in addition to basic myocardial problems. Of 229 females aged 15-45 years with prosthetic valve replacement, 37 (including 34 with Björk-Shiley valve and anticoagulants) subsequently had a total of 47(More)
We have evaluated 12 patients with thrombotic obstruction of the Bjork-Shiley valve since 1975, 11 in the mitral and 1 in the aortic position. During this period 442 patients with 303 mitral (181 plano-convex and 122 convexo-concave) and 205 aortic (112 plano-convex and 93 convexo-concave) Bjork-Shiley valves were available for follow-up. The incidence of(More)
One hundred two patients sustaining cardiac injuries over a 4-year period were analysed to highlight the natural history of the cardiac injuries. There were 45 blunt, 36 stab, and 21 gunshot injuries. The injury involved the ventricle in 85, atrium in seven, pulmonary artery in five cases, and resulted in crush injury to the heart in the remaining five(More)
Fourteen patients underwent thrombectomy for thrombosis of implanted Björk-Shiley valves (13 in the mitral and one in the aortic position) between January, 1975, and July, 1984. There was no operative mortality or perioperative embolism. Over a follow-up period of 1 to 96 months (average 23.5 months), there was no late mortality. Serial evaluation of valve(More)
Eighteen patients underwent surgery for intracardiac myxoma (16 left atrial and 2 right atrial) during the last 10 years. Seventeen patients had tumour stalk attached to the oval fossa. The myxoma was excised along with a cuff of the atrial septum, which was reconstructed using a Dacron patch in 15 patients and by direct suture in 2 patients. In the(More)
A total of 202 patients (62 with tricuspid atresia and 140 without tricuspid atresia) underwent univentricular repair at our unit from January 1990 to September 1994. Of these patients, 182 had nonfenestrated and 20 had fenestrated interatrial baffles. Early mortality was 15.9% (29/182) in the group with nonfenestrated baffles and 5% (1/20) in the group(More)
Prosthetic valve replacement in young patients has been reported to be associated with a high mortality and morbidity because of valve-related problems. Of 549 patients undergoing valve replacement with the Björk-Shiley valve prosthesis, 136 were under the age of 20 years. Sixty-four patients were under 16 years of age, the youngest being 6 years old. Of(More)