Ivar Rummelhoff

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The polymorphic lambda-calculus can be modelled using PERs on a partial combinatory algebra. We say that the type of natural numbers (polynat) is polymorphically standard in such a model if the interpretation of the type only contains (the interpretations of) the Church numerals. We show that this is not always the case by constructing an explicit(More)
By polymorphic Π1 types we mean types of the polymorphic lambda calculus (system F) in which Π only occurs positively. For such types the question of inhabitation is decidable and observational equivalence corresponds to βη-equivalence and is representable by a term. Furthermore, in the PER-model based on untyped λ-terms universality holds for all Π1 types(More)
Android applications are subject to repackaging attacks, where popular applications are modified, often by inserting malicious logic, re-signed, and then uploaded to an online store to be later on downloaded and installed by unsuspicious users. This paper presents a set of protocols for increasing trust in special-purpose Android applications, termed(More)
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