Ivar Massabò

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This paper addresses the capital budgeting problem under uncertainty. In particular, we propose a multistage stochastic programming model aimed at selecting and managing a project portfolio. The dynamic uncertain evolution of each project value is modelled by a scenario tree over the planning horizon. The model allows the decision maker to revise decisions(More)
We develop a pricing algorithm for US-style period-average reset options written on an underlying asset which evolves in a Cox-Ross-Rubinstein (CRR) framework. The averaging feature of such an option on the reset period makes the price valuation problem computationally unfeasible because the arithmetic average is not recombining on a CRR tree. To overcome(More)
In this paper we compare different approaches to compute VaR for heavy tailed return series. Using data from the Italian market, we show that almost all the return series present statistically significant skewness and kurtosis. We implement (i) the stable models proposed by Rachev et al. (2000), (ii) an alternative to the Gaussian distributions based on a(More)
We develop a straightforward algorithm to price arithmetic average reset options with multiple reset dates in a Cox et al. (CRR) (1979) [10] framework. The use of a lattice approach is due to its adaptability and flexibility in managing arithmetic average reset options, as already evidenced by Kim et al. (2003) [9]. Their model is based on the Hull and(More)
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