Ivar Martinsen

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PURPOSE To study the metabolism and pharmacokinetics of mangafodipir trisodium injection, 0.01 mmol/ml (Teslascan), in healthy male volunteers. MATERIAL AND METHODS Eight volunteers received mangafodipir trisodium as an infusion over 20 min, and 5 received it as an injection (< 1 min). Both groups received 5 and 10 mumol/kg b.w. with a wash-out period of(More)
PURPOSE Thirteen male volunteers were studied to evaluate the MR imaging properties and pharmacokinetics of 10 mM mangafodipir trisodium infusion (MnDPDP, Teslascan). MATERIAL AND METHODS Doses of 5 and 10 mumol/kg b.w. were administered by bolus injection (< 1 min) to 5 subjects, and by infusion (20 min) to 8 subjects, with a 3-week wash-out between(More)
Forty-seven chloralkali workers exposed to mercury vapour for an average of 13.3 years were compared with 47 referents matched for age in a cross-sectional study of thyroid function. The mean urinary mercury concentration in the exposed workers was low compared with other studies of chloralkali workers: 5.9 nmol mmol-1 creatinine (range 1.1-16.8) vs 1.3(More)
PURPOSE Evaluation of the tissue distribution of manganese (Mn) and general safety in normal and cholestatic male beagle dogs after i.v. administration of mangafodipir trisodium (MnDPDP, Teslascan). MATERIAL AND METHODS Male beagle dogs, with or without surgical obstruction of the common bile duct, received a single i.v. bolus injection of saline(More)
Routine one-step centrifugation procedures (Lymphoprep = LP, Percoll) commonly used for separation of blood cells split the cells into two major fractions. After centrifugation the mononuclear cells (MNC = monocytes and lymphocytes) are located on the top of the separation fluid, whereas erythrocytes and granulocytes have sedimented to the bottom. We now(More)
The biodistribution of gadolinium (Gd) and chelate was studied in rats injected intravenously with a commercially available gadodiamide magnetic resonance contrast agent spiked with trace amounts of 14C-labelled GdDTPA-BMA. Biodistribution of the 14C-labelled ligand in whole animals was visualised using quantitative whole-body autoradiography, and(More)
An inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES) method for determination of gadodiamide as Gd in serum, peritoneal dialysate and faeces was developed. The within-day and between-day precision for determination of Gd in serum and peritoneal dialysate were 0.60-2.9 and 1.8-4.4%, respectively, and the accuracy was 98.0-99.3%. The(More)
PURPOSE Our studies were designed to compare the efficacy of mangafodipir trisodium (MnDPDP, Teslascan) as a tissue-specific MR agent with that of manganese chloride (MnCl2), to compare the efficacy of different doses and rates of administration of MnDPDP, and to collect the data needed for predicting optimum pulse sequences. MATERIAL AND METHODS The dose(More)
Of 92 men with gonococcal urethritis who were treated orally with amoxicillin, 25 (27.1%) had a simultaneous Chlamydia trachomatis infection. At the first visit 25 patients were treated with a single dose of 1 g of amoxicillin plus 1 g of probenecid (group 1); 24 men were treated with 1 g of amoxicillin twice a day for two days (group 2); and 43 men were(More)
Alumina used in the production of primary aluminium contains Be which partly vaporises from the cryolite bath into the workroom atmosphere. Since Be may be toxic at lower exposure levels than previously thought, the personal exposure to Be among workers in 7 Norwegian primary smelters has been assessed. In total, 480 personal Respicon® virtual impactor full(More)