Ivar Balslev

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We present a novel low-cost device for scanning object surfaces based on structured LED (Light Emitting Diode) light and a single, monocular image from a standard machine vision camera. During the calibration phase we find the displacement of the imaged LED-projected marker points as a function of depth. Using this displacement data and a suitable(More)
The prognostic value of several clinical and histopathological characteristics has been evaluated in patients with Dukes' B and C carcinoma of the rectum and the rectosigmoid. Data on 260 Dukes' B and 208 Dukes' C tumours entered into a prospective, randomized clinical trial of post-operative radiotherapy (50 Gy given with 2 Gy/fraction in an overall time(More)
Factors influencing time to loco-regional recurrence were identified in a multivariate regression analysis of data from a series of 468 radically operated patients (260 Dukes' B and 208 Dukes' C) with carcinoma of the rectum and the rectosigmoid. A number of clinical and pathological characteristics were prospectively collected and recorded. In addition,(More)
The design, and complications seen during the first 2 years, of a randomized trial of postoperative radiotherapy for rectosigmoid cancer Dukes' B and C are presented and discussed. It is concluded that the present complication rate-below 10% in 221 patients-permits continuation of the intake, which is planned to include 550 patients, to demonstrate a(More)
In this article we give a description of the scope and objectives of the RoBlock project [1]. The RoBlock project is an interdisciplinary research project within the area of intelligent manufacturing systems. The purpose of the project is to develop a platform usable for demonstration of how state-of-the-art technology and methods can be combined to make(More)
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