Ivar-André F. Ihle

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We consider a formation control system where individual systems are controlled by a path-following design and the path variables are to be synchronized. We first show a passivity property for the path following system and, next, combine this with a passivity-based synchronization algorithm developed in [1]. The passivity approach expands the classes of(More)
We propose a method for constructing control laws for formation control of marine craft using classical tools from analytical mechanics. The control law is based on applying inter-vessel constraint functions which again impose forces on the individual vessels that maintain the given constraints on the total system. In this way, a formation can be assembled(More)
This paper presents a formation modelling scheme based on a set of inter-body constraint functions and Lagrangian multipliers. Formation control for a fleet of marine craft is achieved by stabilizing the auxiliary constraints such that the desired formation configuration appears. In the proposed framework we develop robust control laws for marine surface(More)
This article presents a method for formation controlof marine surface vessels inspired by Lagrangian mechanics. The desired formation configuration is given as a set of constraint functions. The functions are treated analytically and by using feedback from the imposed constraint functions, constraint forces arise. Since the constraint functions are designed(More)
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