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The prevalence of asthma and allergic rhinitis among adults in St. Petersburg, Russia☆
Abstract Rationale Asthma and allergic rhinitis are common chronic disorders throughout the world, however the prevalence of these diseases in Russia is unknown. This study assessed the prevalence ofExpand
Prevalence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa O serogroups
: The serological typing of 708 P. aeruginosa strains made it possible to determine serogroups in 97.9% of cultures. Serogroups O2 and O6 were the most prevalent (33.8% and 2.5% respectively);Expand
The effect of trisporic acids on the composition of components of the cell wall in Blakeslea trispora Thaxter
: The cell wall of Blakeslea trispora was found to contain chitin similar to crustaceaous chitin in physico-chemical properties; this was confirmed by the data of IR spectroscopy and X-rayExpand