Ivanka Kamenova

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Sharka disease, caused by Plum pox virus (PPV) was first recorded in Bulgaria during the early twentieth century and since that first report, the disease has progressively spread throughout Europe and more recently to Asia, Africa, North and South America. Few PPV resistance genes have been found to naturally occur in Prunus and this has led to the(More)
Most RNA polymerase (Pol) II promoters lack a TATA element, yet nearly all Pol II transcription requires TATA binding protein (TBP). While the TBP-TATA interaction is critical for transcription at TATA-containing promoters, it has been unclear whether TBP sequence-specific DNA contacts are required for transcription at TATA-less genes. Transcription factor(More)
The genetic diversity of plum pox virus strain M (PPV-M) was assessed by analyzing 28 isolates collected in 8 European countries. Two genomic fragments spanning the (Cter)P3-6K1-(Nter)CI coding region as well as the full coat protein coding region were sequenced directly from PCR products. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the geographical origin of the(More)
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