Ivanka Atanasova

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OBJECTIVE To explore the ability of the nonparametric expectation maximisation (NPEM) method of population pharmacokinetic modelling to deal with sparse data in estimating systemic caffeine clearance for monitoring and evaluation of cytochrome P450 (CYP) 1A2 activity. DESIGN AND PARTICIPANTS Nonblind, single-dose clinical investigation in 34 non-related(More)
This work is aimed to study the variability of dosimetry results owing to various measurement methodologies for breast dosimetry. This is performed in the frame of the development of a national protocol for breast dosimetry. Doses for standard phantom and group of patients were calculated for two mammography systems from the tube output measured with a(More)
Defined daily dose (DDD) units were used to analyze the antibiotic utilization in a University Military Hospital for a one-year period. The data were collected from hospital records. The mostly prescribed drug groups were penicillins (broad-spectrum), systemic sulfonamides and combinations and tetracyclines. Amoxycillin, doxycycline and co-trimoxazole were(More)
The efficiencies of two dosage schedules of amikacin (2 x 10 mg/kg of body weight per 24 h and 1 x 20 mg/kg/24 h intramuscularly for 5 days) against Pseudomonas aeruginosa sepsis in rabbits were compared. Blood samples were drawn at various times after the first application, and amikacin concentrations in serum were assayed microbiologically. The dynamics(More)
BACKGROUND This study aims to explore the changes in maternal serum adipocytokines during pregnancy and post partum in normal and complicated with gestational diabetes (GDM) pregnancies and to investigate the relationship between serum adipocytokines and some of major metabolic parameters. MATERIALS AND METHODS 236 pregnant women (127 with GDM and 109(More)
The method of DDD (defined daily dose) was used to determine the drug utilization of NSAIDs and H2-blockers in two randomly chosen hospitals in Sofia during the last year period. The data were collected from hospital records. Seasonal variations in DDDs were compared for two groups of drugs. The utilization of diclofenac in the university hospital was(More)
In order to develop a population pharmacokinetic model for ciprofloxacin after single oral dosing in patients with liver impairments, a retrospective population analysis of already published data was undertaken. The purpose of the study was to compare the population model parameter estimates for ciprofloxacin obtained with the non-parametric expectation(More)
UNLABELLED PCOS is a complex disorder with variability of phenotypes, characterized by hyperandrogenic, anovulatory and metabolic components. The later is a result of specific insulin resistant state with compensatory hyperinsulinaemia. Oral hormonal contraceptives (OHC) are a treatment of first choice in hyperandrogenic PCOS women who do not desire(More)
UNLABELLED The aim of the study was to compare the semen quality in men with metabolic syndrome /MS/ and controls. MATERIALS AND METHODS Semen samples were collected from 42 males (mean age--27.69 +/- 7.98 years). 21 of them had the features of the metabolic syndrome according to the IDF definition and 21 were healthy volunteers. The semen samples were(More)
Antiepileptic drug utilization for the treatment of different epileptic seizures had been investigated for 10 years in Bulgaria (1985-1994). The data were collected from ambulatory cards of 10,132 epileptic out-patients as well as from pharmacists' sales records. The results were expressed in DDD/1,000 inhabitants/year. During the period 1985-1989 the drug(More)