Ivandro Ribeiro

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The isolation, purification and characterization of Anodonta cygnea haemolymph, and extrapallial fluid glycosaminoglycans (Gags), which have high calcium affinity, were carried out in order to better understand the process of nacreous shell biomineralization. Our results show the existence of two different Gags with similar contents in the two fluids,(More)
In this paper, we propose a new approach for using Built-in Current Sensor (BICS) to detect not only transient upsets in sequential logic but also in combinational circuits. In this approach, the BICS is connected in the design bulk to increase its sensitivity to detect any current discrepancy that may occur during a charged particle strike. In addition,(More)
Radiation effects, like Single Event Transients (SET), are increasingly affecting integrated circuits as device dimensions are scaling down. With decreasing dimensions and supply voltages, the charge used to store information decreases, turning the circuits more sensitive to the transient currents generated by energetic particle hits. This is particularly(More)
Integrated circuits operating in space applications are susceptible to radiation effects that can be permanent or transient. 1 Various energetic particles in the space radiation environment can interact with silicon to cause undesirable effects. When a single heavy ion strikes silicon, it loses its energy by creating free electron-hole pairs, resulting in a(More)
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