Ivana Truccolo

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BACKGROUND Indolent non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, in particular follicular lymphoma (FL), is characterized by multiple remissions and relapses. Several studies have used interferon-alpha (IFN) to control this disease, both as induction and as maintenance therapy. It is not yet clear whether IFN can be associated with a survival benefit although it may prolong(More)
AIMS The purpose of this study is to determine the degree of satisfaction of users of the Cancer Information Point section of the Library for Patients (CIP-LP), active since 1998 at the National Cancer Institute of Aviano, Italy. The CIP-LP is based on a skilled intermediary, adequate informative material and a specific location, within the Scientific(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years there has been a proliferation of cancer information available for patients in the Italian language. However, quantity without validation and organization is by no means synonymous with providing good information and a good service. Furthermore, the lack of coordination and cooperation between the various information-providing(More)
BACKGROUND The Open Archive Initiative (OAI) refers to a movement started around the '90 s to guarantee free access to scientific information by removing the barriers to research results, especially those related to the ever increasing journal subscription prices. This new paradigm has reshaped the scholarly communication system and is closely connected to(More)
Following the model of other international oncology units, a framework was developed to create a special unit for adolescents and young adults (Youth Area) within a cancer research hospital in Italy by defining relevant parameters to improve personalized healthcare delivery and the reduction of the impact of the disease on 14–24 year old patients. The(More)
The international literature data report that good information and communication are fundamental components of a therapeutic process. They contribute to improve the patient-health care professional relationship, to facilitate doctor-patient relationships, therapeutic compliance and adherence, and to the informed consent in innovative clinical trials. We(More)
A survey was conducted among specialized users in order to establish the level of knowledge and diffusion of four informative tools: Cancerlit, PDQ, Clinprot, Cancergram. A questionnaire was distributed to 975 graduate researchers working in four national cancer research institutes in the north (2), center (1) and south (1) of Italy, as well as to the(More)
BACKGROUND The use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) among cancer patients is widespread and mostly self-administrated. Today, one of the most relevant topics is the nondisclosure of CAM use to doctors. This general lack of communication exposes patients to dangerous behaviors and to less reliable information channels, such as the Web. The(More)
In Italy, educational programs for cancer patients are currently provided by the national government, scientific societies, and patient advocate organizations. Several gaps limit their effectiveness, including the lack of coordinated efforts, poor involvement of patient feedback in the planning of programs, as well as a lack of resources on innovative(More)
The first Italian experiences of HTA are born inside single hospitals and, lately, regional health care systems. In Italy, anyway, no agency had health technology assessment as an institutional duty until 2007, the year of the founding of the Italian Society of Health Technology Assessment (SIHTA). In times of "spending review", the HTA, whose purpose is to(More)