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Katabatic flow down long glaciers in high latitudes experiences deflection due to the Coriolis force. If the Coriolis force is added to the classic Prandtl model for katabatic flow, the cross-slope wind component does not approach a true steady state, but rather diffuses upwards in time. On the other hand, the down-slope component and the potential(More)
Katabatic flows on long glaciers in high latitudes experience the Coriolis effect deflecting the flow thus affecting turbulent transports in the boundary layer. Analytically katabatic flows have been best represented by Prandtl model. However, the classic Prandtl model does not take into account the effect of the Coriolis force. It is found that after a(More)
The role of the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) in the atmosphere-climate system is the exchange of heat, mass, and momentum between " the earth's surface " and the atmosphere. Traditionally, it is understood that turbulent transport is responsible for this exchange and hence the understanding and physical description of the turbulence structure of the(More)
Unsatisfactory model forecasts of 2m temperature and cloudiness in inversion cases with fog and low stratus clouds have encouraged research of alternative parametrization for these processes that could be used in the operational version of the Aladin model. Few computationally cheap modifications are introduced and tested. Different cloud schemes and cloud(More)
Main role of the horizontal diffusion schemes in numerical models nowadays is to remove the information without forecast value and the energy accumulated due to finite truncation of a model spectrum acting as a numerical filter. However, during intensive cyclogenesis, especially over steep surfaces, the physical horizontal diffusion should not be neglected.(More)
A very important component of modern weather forecasting is the use of numerical weather prediction (NWP) models. In the last years, the forecast quality of those models constantly improved, mostly due to major improvements in highperformance computing, which allows a finer horizontal grid resolution. Mountainous terrain, however, still poses a challenge(More)
In this article, we present an overview of the HyIV-CNRS-SecORo (Hydralab IV-CNRS-Secondary Orography and Rotors Experiments) laboratory experiments carried out in the CNRM (Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques) large stratified water flume. The experiments were designed to systematically study the influence of double obstacles on stably stratified(More)
Especially important for the coastal area of Croatia is the wind forecast, particularly during the bura windstorm episodes. Current operational version of ALADIN model is rather satisfactory for the wind field forecast, although in many cases the wind speed is somewhat overestimated. A modified sub-grid scale orography representation was introduced and(More)
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