Ivana Savic-Gajic

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We present a new technique for detection of epileptiform activity in EEG signals. After preprocessing of EEG signals we extract representative features in time, frequency and time-frequency domain as well as using non-linear analysis. The features are extracted in a few frequency sub-bands of clinical interest since these sub-bands showed much better(More)
The process of amygdalin extraction from plum seeds was optimized using central composite design (CCD) and multilayer perceptron (MLP). The effect of time, ethanol concentration, solid-to-liquid ratio, and temperature on the amygdalin content in the extracts was estimated using both mathematical models. The MLP 4-3-1 with exponential function in hidden(More)
Quercetin is one of the six subclasses of flavonoid compounds1, which has antioxidant properties2. Quercetin is found in many common foods including green tea1, apples, onions and berries3. Its structure with the indicated C atoms and rings is presented in Figure 1. Because of its interesting chemical and biological properties, quercetin has been one of the(More)
The packaging materials industry has already recognized the importance of Total Productive Maintenance as a system of proactive techniques for improving equipment reliability. Bearing faults, which often occur gradually, represent one of the foremost causes of failures in the industry. Therefore, detection of their faults in an early stage is quite(More)
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